Writing an evacuees story ks2 sats

On the Friday I got all dressed up in my new cloths. Some Saturdays we would go the Whitby on the bus and have a look around the shops.

As we were all leaving we were given 2 carriers of food to give to the landlady whose house we were going to live in.

The Second World War: Evacuees

On a Sunday we used to get a lift to Church in the milk float pulled by horses who used to pass wind all the time and as I sat behind his bum I was nearly like a Chinese lady by time I reached the church. My Mam packed my case and put my gas mask case over my shoulder, fastened a brown label to my coat, which had my name and school written on.

Coat, Beret and strappy shoes. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the BBC. This story has been placed in the following categories. The train set off and we were all excited and talking all the time, wondering where we were going. That was a sweet a day and liquorice for Sunday, but you know what little girls are like, we would eat Mondays sweet and then Tuesdays and every other day and in about an hour would eat them all, then we would have to wait another week for our next pocket money.

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I had my own bedroom but our Olive had two beds in her room. We got 6 fruit drops and a liquorice for our money. For any other comments, please Contact Us. On a Saturday we used to get our pocket money, which was 6d, but today that would be about 25 new pence, and off we went to go to the shop.

Story with photo Most of the content on this site is created by our users, who are members of the public. It was just a small village school and we had 2 classes in the hall.

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I sat on the back row and like 2 of the boys who were 11 years old. We had to go to bed as soon as the 7. On Sunday September 3rd I was sitting on the settee with my Mam and Dad listening to the radio, the Prime Minister came on to tell us that England was at war with Germany.

One class facing one way and the other facing the other way. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced.

An Evacuee's Story

At Christmas we went to a party at Mulgrave Castle that had a real Marchioness living there. Find out how you can use this. Our Mum used to visit us every month when we were away and used to bring all sorts of sweets. The little stream over the road used to freeze in the winter and this special day we decided to take the sledge on the stream and we sat on and suddenly the ice started to crack and before we could get off we all went through the ice and got all wet, it was a good job that the water was only shallow.

This is the end of my story. Mrs Puckering had a lovely fur coat with big fur buttons in and I used to wear that for a dressing gown while we waited for the train to pass.A short story about evacuation.

Used as a 'good' example of story writing for children in Year /5(4). JOAN PHILIPS AS AN EVACUEE FROM SEPTEMBER 3RD TO MAY Hello Children.

I want to tell you a little story about when I was evacuated. My name is Joan Philips and I am 9½ years old and going to Lister Street School. The KS2 Level 6 SATs Writing Writing Test (Shorter Task) first taken by children aged in as part of their KS2 Level 6 SATs killarney10mile.com (Originally QCA / QCDA / STA).

A handy resource, allowing your children to create an evacuee letter. Key Stage 2 Secondary SEND ESL/TEFL Resources EAL IEYC & IPC Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Evacuee Letter Writing Frame (2 member reviews) Classic Collection Click for more information.

Evacuee Letter Writing Frame

Save for Later.5/5(2). WWII evacuation billet cards A set of scenario cards outlining the details of host families for evacuees. Children are asked to consider what it would be like to be placed with each of the host families.

WW2 describing a setting (City and Countryside) - Evacuee Story Writing. KS2/3 Cross Curricular.

Writing an evacuees story ks2 sats
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