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Among Asians, the rates for women and men were little different from each other. With natural gas prices rising in relative toproduction increased, particularly toward the end of the year. The proportion of families with children under age 18 that lived in poverty was This decrease was driven largely by the South Central region, which fell by 28 Bcf, but declines occurred in all regions except the East.

This change in seasonal prices reduces the financial incentive to invest in storage, and it may be one reason why design capacity only grew modestly in A field is considered inactive after a full year without any injection activity, or when the company declares that a storage field is drawing down its stocks for abandonment.

Within the group of unrelated individuals, teenagers continued to be the most likely to be among the working poor.

A Profile of the Working Poor, 2014

Among those who participated in the labor force for 27 weeks or more and usually worked in full-time wage and salary jobs, 4.

These individuals had a much higher working-poor rate than individuals who lived alone Production growth was mainly in shale gas productionparticularly in the Northeast near several large population centers, reducing reliance on natural gas transported from the Gulf Coast.

The price relates to short-term supply, because it reduces some amount of electric-power sector demand and supports production, allowing more natural gas to flow into storage. Natural gas design capacity is up slightly, driven by expansions in the East; but demonstrated maximum capacity is down in most regions Working natural gas is defined as the amount of natural gas stored underground that can be withdrawn for use.

Flexible working report: key points

Two small storage fields became inactive during this period: Conversely, many of those who live alone do so because they have sufficient income to support themselves. Higher levels of natural gas in storage have the potential to increase the demonstrated peak.

By contrast, individuals employed in occupations that typically do not require high levels of education and are characterized by relatively low earnings were more likely to be among the working poor. In terms of technology, changing customer demands, demography, globalisation and lifestyle choices, a number of shifting trends have created new challenges and opportunities for organisations.

Inat nearly all levels of educational attainment, women were more likely than men to be among the working poor; by race and ethnicity, Blacks and Hispanics generally were more likely to be among the working poor than were Whites and Asians.

Most planned storage projects are concentrated in salt formations, likely because of their high deliverability and cycling rates. Generation from renewable sources grew inwhich reduced the share of natural gas and coal-fired generation.

Young workers are more likely to be poor than are workers in older age groups, in part because earnings are lower for young workers, and the unemployment rate for young workers is higher.

The pooling of resources and sharing of living expenses may permit some individuals in this category—who are technically classified as poor—to live at a higher standard than they would have if they lived alone. Exports of domestically-sourced liquefied natural gas LNG out of Sabine Pass in Louisiana, as well as increased pipeline exports to Mexico, have supported prices.

Sincewinter natural gas prices have trended flatter than in previous years, reducing the incentive for storage, and natural gas spot prices were up relative to last year.

Among families with at least one member in the labor force for more than half the year, those with children in the household were much more likely to live below the poverty level than those without children. Demonstrated peak capacity down in nearly every region.

Market conditions this period were similar to those in the last period: Demonstrated maximum working gas capacity: It is calculated as the sum of reported working gas capacities of the active storage fields as reported on survey Form EIA, Monthly Underground Natural Gas Storage Reportas of November Texas Rangers have arrested Amber Guyger for manslaughter in the fatal shooting.

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Working report on the sales department
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