Valley forge dbq essay example

This reason explains why soldiers remained at Valley Forge. Doc A I admit these numbers make me scared sometimes. Victory seemed a long way off, in fact for many it seemed unlikely.

I do understand why some of my fellow soldiers are going home. It also explains how tyranny dictator can be compared to Hell and how it not easily conquered. Although staying at Valley Forge Valley forge dbq essay example not benefit me since so many illnesses and deaths occurred, it would certainly benefit the army.

Out of those eight thousand soldiers, half of them were sick.

Valley Forge

The Congressmen the government could have given the army some money or food but chose not to. He also says that men had no shoes and no meat, which hints that it would not be reasonable to stay.

I am writing an essay describing why I would quit or not re-enlist for Valley Forge. Would You Have Quit? In this document, Thomas main idea is to live life the way we want to live it.

Yes Sick soldiers, small huts, poor ventilation, and vomiting. Soldiers, motivation, and Foreign aid are the three reasons why I would remain at Valley That might have been a small number considering there were many more thousands of soldiers but still losing 2, soldiers gave the advantage to the British because they had more soldiers.

Valley Forge Dbq

The number of deaths during Valley Forge was 1, to 2, soldiers Doc. Around 3, soldiers were ill on December 23rd,and about 4, on February 1st, Soldiers were one reason why I would not leave Valley Forge. In the winter ofWashington decided to build a winter camp to have a place to live during the cold winter.

If you were at Valley Forge, would you have quit? Freedom is worth the price! The harsh environment that Valley Forge provided caused many soldiers to quit. Yes, it is true that only to soldiers died. The death estimates between December and June were 1, to 2, The Committee makes me feel that my government cares, that someone is listening.

The living conditions at Valley Forge were far from being ideal. Waldo about his experience in Valley Forge.

I dont want my dead friends to have died for nothing. This whole document is greatly written and gives greater motivation for soldiers to remain at Valley Forge. If they choose to flee, their chances of finding medical help are exceptionally slim. In Doc C, Dr. Several weeks ago a fine group of fellows called the Committee of Congress arrived at Valley Forge.

In December of2, soldiers became ill with a chance of death and in February of3, soldiers became sick Doc. So what does this mean? Posted on by Cindy Espeseth InGeorge Washington was having trouble keeping his soldiers in the army while they were at Valley Forge.

The American soldiers lived in smoky huts and slept on the floor with mud all around. This quote, written by the author Thomas Paine, was what George Washington read to his soldiers.

Being December, the cheerfulness of the soldiers are still strong, since it is early in the war. Many soldiers slept on straw on the muddy floor. In a few months, the soldiers might modify their reactions. George Washington, the man who led the Continental Army, realized this.

If I were a soldier at Valley Forge, I also would have quit because of the rapid increase of deaths, the severe atmosphere, and the doubt of whether or not it was worth staying. For these reasons the poor living conditions, the government not wanting to help, and the chance of getting sick and die would make me want to quit Valley Forge.Oct 24,  · This entry was posted in Class Assignments, Class News and tagged DBQ, essay, Valley Forge, Write Here Write Now, writing by Cindy Espeseth.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? Review the "Timeline" and "Background Essay Questions" -(next page) Follow along as the "Background Essay" is read, listen carefully and highlight, underline and/or annotate information that may help you answer the questions on the following page.

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Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? by Alex M.

Valley Forge Day 2. Use the last page of this the Valley Forge DBQ document (Guided Essay: Valley Forge) to write a body paragraph about what you would do (stay or quit).

Directions and examples are provided. APUSH Per 4 11/12/14 Absent Thursday and Friday of last week Valley Forge DBQ Essay George Washington had led the Continental Army through battle after battle, and only won two minor battles.

While the British set up comfortable quarters in Philadelphia, George Washington had his men build uniform huts in Valley Forge, a few miles away.

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Valley forge dbq essay example
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