The crime of marijuana criminalization essay

Even more outlandish than the cost imposed on taxpayers and law enforcement is the draconian set of penalties imposed on individuals who violate marijuana laws. Criminalization of Marijuana How many of you went to a school that participated in the D. Data on locations of crimes and medical marijuana dispensaries as well as other covariates were collected for a sample of Census block groups.

Criminalization of Drugs: Criminalization&nbspEssay

Right now there is a drug on the market in Canada and the UK called Sativex, which is a whole plant medicinal cannabis extract. Download this Essay in word format.

Decriminalization Essay

Our findings suggest essentially no increases in either cannabis consumption, consumption of other drugs, crime and other forms of risky behavior. The current drug policy on marijuana is not only ineffective but harmful to not only yourselves, but society as a whole.

If marijuana were decriminalized, police would be able to focus their efforts and resources on more important issues. It was only when the U. Researchers have found, moreover, that some people substitute marijuana for alcohol, which means they drink less.

Marijuana has been shown to be beneficial for glaucoma and a variety of other ailments as well. Moreover, issues of personal choice and privacy surround many common behaviors e.

This will allow the American public to realize that decriminalization is truly the gateway to a society more reflective of its ideals. Retrieved November 17,from Wikipedia: Testimony to the Legislature.

However, is it worthwhile to put huge amounts of our resources into a war that has not been able to realize its intended objectives over four decades into its launch? In my opinion, and those of many others, the entire "drug war" is a huge waste of money and valuable human resources.

Marijuana legalization: Research review on crime and impaired driving

This literature review looks at the concerns of those opposing legalization. Substitution would have positive public health implications, assuming, as some researchers dothat alcohol is a more destructive drug with higher costs for society.

This is something that the government should not prohibit people from enjoying. If this were the case, then both cigarettes and alcohol would be illegal as well.

President Jimmy Carter once said "Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. Between andthere was a public outcry for the state to decriminalize marijuana possession and distribution for personal use.

The History of the War on Drugs in America Then war on drugs was first declared in by President Nixon after it became apparent that drugs were ingredients for political dissent, social upheaval and youthful rebellion Drug Policy Alliance, Those arrested for marijuana felonies constitute a growing underclass who are denied the right to own a gun, vote in elections, serve on a jury, receive welfare benefits, attend college, or live in public housing.

Ressler of Georgia Southern University explore the relationship between marijuana crimes and arrest in a paper for Applied Economics Letters. The current framework of marijuana prohibitions is responsible for inefficiencies in the criminal justice system and unfair burdens faced by individuals prosecuted under these laws.

According to the U. Driving under the influence Alcohol accounts for over 30 percent of motor-vehicle fatalities in the U. The usage of marijuana will increase, though, the authors expect.

It was not until President Bush took over that the war on drugs began to run out of steam as the administration focused less on incarceration and more on prevention and treatment.

DC’s Legalized Weed Is One-Year Old, And Crime Has Cratered

The federal government vigorously opposes policies aimed at medicalizing marijuana and continues to raid marijuana dispensaries and cultivators operating under state law. Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice.

Drug Legalization Essay

More people will use weed There is growing evidence that as marijuana is legalized, more people use it. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against the possession of marijuana in private for personal use. The debate surrounding the decriminalization of drugs is primarily focused on personal use and small amounts of possession for personal use.

We reason that the cost of arresting a poor individual with diminished social status is lower. It has been found that Marijuana use remains consistent despite a high level of enforcement, and there is no detectable relationship between changes in enforcement and levels of marijuana use over time.

Many politicians, health care professionals, doctors, and patients believe that sick people and their doctors should have the right to prescribe any medicine that may improve the life of the patient; to refuse to do so is unethical.

The laws which prohibit marijuana use are merely a gateway to an inefficient and counterproductive social experiment in the name of public safety.

There are actually no known cases of marijuana ever leading to cancer. There is no evidence of negative spillover effects from medical marijuana laws MMLs on violent or property crime.

Residents of cities with particularly high crime rates should be concerned that the resources of their local law enforcement agencies are being spread too thin to deal with violent crimes.

The continued criminalization of marijuana has numerous consequences for modern society such as massive incarceration rates, systemic violence, homicide, corruption of law enforcement and public officials, civil rights violations, racial profiling, drug contamination, disrespect for the law, family disintegration, and denial of social services, public housing, and education financial aid.The criminalization of marijuana is not the solution; it's part of the problem.

First of all, the current laws prohibiting the use and possession of marijuana do not stop anyone from using or possessing it. Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized This is a persuasive essay designed for me to convince a specific audience to take my position on a public issue.

The Audience Statement clarifies my targeted audience and clarifies my objectives in the essay. specifically examine the relationship between marijuana and crime despite consistent findings that marijuana is the most commonly identified drug among arrestees.

Reports from the United States, England, and Australia, for example, all show that approximately 60% of arrestees test. Criminalization of Marijuana This Research Paper Criminalization of Marijuana and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 5, • Research Paper • 1, Words (6 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

“The decrease in marijuana arrests is an enormous victory for District residents, who have resoundingly rejected the criminalization of marijuana,” said Bill Piper, Senior Director of National Affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, in a press release.

Decriminalization Essay The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines decriminalization generally as the process of removing or reducing the criminal classification or status of something and more specifically as repealing a strict ban on something while retaining some form of regulation.

The crime of marijuana criminalization essay
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