The china syndrome film analysis

They take the film, but later, the cameraman steals it back to show to nuclear experts. While speaking with engineer Jack Godell Jack Lemmon in the plant something goes horribly wrong.

The trouble begins when the reporter Kimberly Wells Jane Fonda and her cameraman Richard Adams go to the reactor to film a story. He also tells them that he was threatened by the firm if he goes to the NRC. He knows that something is terribly wrong at the plant, but they are more interested in finances and public relations, and cover the entire matter up.

However, a distraught Spindler contradicts them when a question is posed to him on live television by Kimberly, saying that Godell was not crazy and would never have taken such drastic steps had there not been something wrong.

His supervisor, Herman, quickly orders a cleanup and tells Jack not to reveal the problem to anyone and to get the plant up and running. Once alone and secured inside the control room, he brings the power down to a safer level. Royce, an employee of Foster-Sullivan, the construction company who built the plant, as it was Royce who signed off on the welding radiographs.

As such, Kimberly reports stories of local interest that contain little substance. On the control console, a chart recorder indicates that the water level in the reactor core has risen to an abnormally high level.

Kimberly contacts Richard, who contacts every other major television network. The staff scrambles to close the relief valves and restore the coolant systems, but for several agonizing minutes no one knows whether the core is about to undergo a disastrous meltdown. More alarms begin to sound and the SCRAM causes significant damage to the plant, as portions of the cooling system physically collapse.

Kimberly arrives and is escorted into the control room. Godell demands to be interviewed on live television by Kimberly. During an inspection of the plant before it is brought back online, Godell discovers a puddle of radioactive water that has apparently leaked from a pump.

Plant officials try to paint Godell as emotionally disturbed. He and crew chief Ted Spindler Wilford Brimley watch, sickened, as the pen trace rapidly drops to show that the water level is now mere inches away from exposing the reactor core, and still falling.

Godell begins to panic, rushing from one control panel to the next, trying to avert a catastrophe. He grabs a gun from The china syndrome film analysis security The china syndrome film analysis and forces everyone out, including his friend and co-worker Ted Spindler Wilford Brimley.

Plant management agrees to the interview, but only to buy time as they try to regain control of the plant. Meanwhile, Godell, suspecting there is more to the strange vibration he felt at the beginning of the SCRAM, does some investigating of his own and uncovers evidence that the plant is unsafe.

When Jack gets no satisfaction, he threatens to go to the NRC himself. Adding to the tension is the fact that the reactor is very close to a breakdown and could go at any moment.

He then demands to be interviewed by Wells on live television. The television cable is cut and a panicky Godell is shot by the police.

Godell pushes to delay restarting the plant, but the plant superintendent denies his request and appears willing to let nothing stand in the way of the scheduled restart of the plant. Minutes later a crew member notices an alternate gauge on the control panel showing that the water level is dangerously low.

Kimberly and Richard ask if he will testify at the NRC hearings, being held at Point Conception, where Foster-Sullivan is looking to build another nuclear plant. Kimberly calls Godell and asks him to speak directly to the convention committee himself. Kimberly begins to interview Godell, who speaks frantically and makes little sense while explaining the more technical aspects of the recent accident.

Suspecting that the recorder pen may be stuck, Godell taps on the glass cover. Ted tells the media that Godell was a hero for averting a disaster and that there will be a much deeper investigation this time. When the incident ends, Kimberley sees that Godell has died. She and Richard confront Godell at his home with what they know, and he voices his concern about the vibration he felt during the SCRAM and his anger about the false radiographs.

While watching the Ventana control room from an observation area with public relations officer, Bill Gibson, the plant goes through a reactor SCRAM, a temporary shutdown of part or all of the plant.

Outside the plant, a phalanx of reporters and television crews are awaiting word on the events inside. Godell concludes that another reactor SCRAM at full power could cause the cooling system to be severely damaged which would result in a catastrophic meltdown.Jan 01,  · "The China Syndrome" is a terrific thriller that incidentally raises the most unsettling questions about how safe nuclear power plants really are.

It was received in some quarters as a political film, and the people connected with it make no secret of their doubts about nuclear power. But the movie is, above all, entertainment: well-acted, 4/4. The China Syndrome, which with uncanny prescience was released just 12 days before the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island, is a hybrid of two of the genres most closely associated with the 83%(29).

Nitin Jacob A ESA Film Paper December 6, The China Syndrome – Nuclear Power Plant Throughout my life I have always been interested in the theatre. She finds Richard there and he tells her he's showing the film to a couple of nuclear power experts; a physicist and an engineer.

The two scientists determine that the plant very nearly went into meltdown, called the "China Syndrome" where the nuclear material heats beyond the capacity of the plant's personnel and safety systems to stop it. The China Syndrome is a American disaster thriller film directed by James Bridges and written by Bridges, Mike Gray, and T.

S. tells the story of a television reporter and her cameraman who discover safety coverups at a nuclear power plant. It stars Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and Michael Douglas, with Douglas also serving as the film's Produced by: Michael Douglas. Free Essay: Nitin Jacob A ESA Film Paper December 6, The China Syndrome – Nuclear Power Plant Throughout my life I have always been.

The china syndrome film analysis
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