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Users may also schedul reports that are emailed automatically to a chosen email address. Nursing programs use the documents to record procedures that have been accomplished. Online Scheduling TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac use a built-in web-based user-interface system that allows the students to go online and schedule an appointment with their tutor or advisor.

Advising centers Tcc writing center also track ad hoc logins when students spend time in the advising center. Mobile Version Hand held tablets, PC, web-browser enabled phones, these devices and more may be used to input batch information or be used by students to schedule their appointment with the learning center or advising center.

Learning Center and Advising Center administrators may set the rules for how many appointments a student may have fr a particular, subject, reason, center, and even by consultant. Web-Based Web-based means access from anywhere. Visit Tracking TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac use a built-in web-based user-interface system that allows any visit to the center to be tracked by time in and time out, the reason for the visit and if applicable the subject that the student is receiving help in.

You may use the KIOSK to allow students to log basic information, but not access important, sensitive information. Anywhere that is allowed.

Students may use their single sign-on to schedule an appointment or view the progress of a process. Reporting TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac use a built-in web-based reporting system that allows the users of the sofware to run a report based on their privileges.

Learning center direectors may also run payroll for tutors using the TutorTrac learning management system. Surveys Upon completion of a visit, students may receive a questionaire regarding the qualitative value of the visit to the student.

Writing centers use this system for keeping tracking of proofs or rough drafts. Learning centers may track appointments that students have with tutors. Advising center direectors may also run payroll for advisors using the AdvisorTrac advising management system.

Advising centers may track appointments that students have with consultants, advisors, and counselors.

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More than just faculty, any pre-approved campus personnel may be involved in the process for identifying and solving academic issues before they become problematic.

Learning centers may also track ad hoc logins when students spend time in the learning center. You may use the campus single sign-on system to access your Advising or Tutoring Center Management software.

This allows admninistrators to receive feedback about how their personnel are doing and respond quickly for an improved student experience. Center administrators may also set up custom questions that are asked on login or log out of the center.

Document Management The built-in document management system allows transcripts, immunization information, lab results, test results, you name it, to be stored and recorded for all students.Web based tutoring, advising, center management and tracking software.

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Online tracking and scheduling and multiple learning & advising center monitoring. WEST CAMPUS Technology Learning Center (I), main building W 41st Street South Tulsa, Oklahoma Phone: South Campus is our south Tarrant County location, located in south Fort Worth.

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Campus Information Welcome from the PresidentCampus MapDriving DirectionsCampus Tarrant County College (TCC) is the premier 2-year college choice. Jennette Royster. Writing Center Coordinator, Metro Campus. [email protected] Pamela Wasson.

Writing Specialist. West Writing Center We look forward to seeing you soon! Whatever your skill level, you can benefit from a conference with a writing specialist in one of TCC's four Writing Centers or with a language specialist in one of TCC's three language centers.

Cyber Security Training & Education TCC’s Cyber Security Center has been designated a Center of Academic Excellence for Two-Year Schools (NSA-CAE2Y) by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Tcc writing center
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