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Browse hundreds of Operations Management tutors. The process of assessing selection methods initiated by Marilyn Gonzalez was not limited to store associates—it also covered department managers, assistant store managers, and store managers.

A good scoring key is behaviorally specific and reflects real attributes that a person might possess and demonstrate on a job. This means you will have ten different scoring keys. Instruct juries on applicable laws, direct juries to deduce the facts from the evidence presented, and hear their verdicts.

This is a time consuming process, because many candidates simply do not have the requisite skills for the job. All applicants complete a brief job application form which provides information on education and years of work experience. These can blend into work samples or problem solving tasks related to the job.

A more formal validation procedure will be initiated later in the process, but for now, Tanglewood would like a selection plan developed that will take the sequencing of all of the predictors into account.

As such, you will assess what the current methods of selection measure, and determine what new information can be brought out by an interview.

What does each decision maker add to the process? Who do you think should be involved in this process from Tanglewood based on the discussion of decision makers in the textbook? The decision makers do not necessarily need to be the same ones participating in the selection decision for the Spokane flagship store.

Given the problem of low standardization, lack of guidelines, and the general knowledge of research on interviews in the staffing services department, it has been decided that a structured interview will be needed. Staffing services believes that a half-hour interview will be appropriate, with about 3 minutes per interview question.

Individuals who are hired from outside the organization to be department managers, on the other hand, often have a very difficult transition into the organization and make decisions that are in conflict with the corporate culture. Browse hundreds of Postwriting tutors. In a situational interview designed to assess teamwork ability, an applicant might be asked how he or she would cooperate with a group of individuals to solve a difficult problem at work.

Develop initial interview questions. For each method, develop a list of your top three finalists to provide to the regional manager.

As in the previous exercise, develop a detailed selection plan for this position. Methods for Developing the Interview A second major problem, besides the difficulties in creating a good sequence of staffing procedures, is the fact that the general process of interviewing is not seen as especially effective.

You are making a recommendation for who should be considered a candidate for hiring based on your read of the data. First, they are broad enough to actually allow variability in answers; in other words, Tanglewood case 6 answer every applicant gives the same answers.

In this case, you should determine what you want to measure by analyzing KSAOs from the job description and the information on organizational culture in the case, and fitting the selection measures into the plan format as shown in Exhibit 8.

Based on the materials you have compiled as part of the selection plan, you will determine which KSAOs are not being measured adequately in the current system.

Expert Answer Introduction When building up a selection plan, or contracting, the most imperative part is the meeting. The current selection methods are the experience check, education check, Marshfield Applicant Exam, and the Retail Knowledge Test.

He provided them to you in the form of a list as follows: Thebiggest problem with scoring keys is that they are often too easy or too hard, so actual scores end up being bunched together with no real variance.

This is only a single question, and is much different than the job you are looking at, but Daryl Perrone believes it should give you an idea of what Tanglewood would like to see. Most store managers and assistant store managers for operations agree that the current system is simply not detailed enough to produce a good selection protocol.

Oral expression, information ordering. Instructions fulfill all the requirements of number three, but also do so in very straightforward language that is easy to understand, with only simple sentences and no complex vocabulary.

Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions. Even experienced managers find that there is occasionally an unpleasant surprise in store for them when a new employee actually begins work and the employee is not at all the sort of person they thought they had assessed in the interview.

Determine what you want to measure by analyzing KSAOs from the job description and the information on organizational culture in the case, and fitting the selection measures into the plan format as shown in Exhibit 8. Do not include the current interview as part of the selection plan.

Because the personality test and customer service tests were administered entirely inhouse, they are free for Tanglewood. The current method of selection for external managers looks very much like the method of selection for store associates.

Tanglewood believes that, based on the preliminary data provided by the store associates sample, they would like to use all of these predictors. Instructions are sufficient to define specific terms, but use technical terminology while failing to define what the terms mean e.

Most scoring keys are developed by describing behaviors on a graduated scale ranging from very poor to very good. This information is an important determinant of who is minimally qualified, but is generally not the primary determinant of who is or is not eventually hired.

The possibility that candidates are receiving different interview questions is seen as a potential legal problem.Answer to Tanglewood case study 7 8th ed. 1. As in the previous exercise, develop a detailed selection plan for this position. Det. Tanglewood Case 6 1.

Development of a Selection Plan Introduction Whendevelopingaselectionplan,orhiring,the mostimportantpartisthe killarney10mile.comrtohire the bestemployees,the selectionprocessshouldmatchthe specificskills,knowledge,andabilities killarney10mile.comsoimportanttomatch.

Tanglewood Case 6 Answer Tanglewood Case 1 “Tanglewood is a generic chain store, which features items such as men and women’s. MERCY COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT Tanglewood Casebook Case Study 3 Answer Question 2,5, and 6 DATE 06 13 Describe the best targets for your recruiting efforts/5(1).

“I came on board because I thought Tanglewood would be a different type of retail chain; you know, a place where people worked because they actually liked what they did.

But for people like me who are working in a store that used to be run by Mirabelle, that old culture of command and control is still there.

Tanglewood Case Rapid growth. Tanglewood needs the employees for long term to retain its culture.

on comparing the results given in the tables above. the retention rate is pretty much high in this case. It has to go for open recruitment process in such a case.

Tanglewood case 6 answer
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