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Smaller than a lot of the other Disneylands however I like it the best. There is just about any food you can name in HK. Well they use to be before the Americans kept opening their big mouths. The Peak cab to the base of the Peak Railway the special train ride up to the peak I like going up to the Peak around 4.

Nice to have margaritas on the balcony. HK is made up of the mainland and Hong Kong Island. If you see something and you want it buy it for it will be very hard to find it again even if you think you know where it is.

Also they have a bad habit of saying yes to something when they mean no. Americans saying that things are so cheap. You can top it up at most MTR stations. You can book this one on the internet through heaps of places.

So if in doubt ask the question again in another way. Lots of expats and tourists here. Different markets than others in HK.

With this card you can travel on the very fast Airport Express from HK airport to the city. Interesting ferry ride and you can take in other things to see. Culture The Chinese tend not to be the friendliest people around. You can book directly with them. All you have to do is look around as there is somewhere to eat on nearly every corner.

Ocean Park not far from Aberdeen This is a theme park with water slides, rides, marine animals and a great chairlift ride over the mountain. It is not very far from each area. Aberdeen bus from central Aberdeen is a bustling town at the bottom on the Island.

If you want to get away from the busy city this is a nice place to have a swim and a relax. Some real clothing items at cheap price.

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Lots of cloths, trinkets, gifts. Disneyland Airport Express back to the airport and then onto Disneyland Has only been open for a short while. HK is a very safe city however as in any city keep your valuables close to you and use the safe in the hotel for passports and extra money etc.A visit to Disney Land Hong Kong is an easy one-day or half-day trip from the city.

It is easy to get to with convenient transportation options and plenty of family fun and stuff to do for kids and the kid in all of us. I’m heading to Hong Kong in April (also, Sydney for the search nerdery of SMX, KL for a stopover and Cambodia to placate Phnomenon fans).

I don’t even know where to start in HK apart from what I trawl from Diana Kuan’s Appetite for China. Hong Kong Accommodation; Accommodation suggestions; Reply. Accommodation suggestions. LinkBack. Sep Posts 1.

Accommodation suggestions. Hello and thanks in advance for your suggestions. Late 30s western couple, professionals, working in central, no kids. Into going out but also authentic experiences (not LKF junkies).

Hong Kong Itinerary - 1 to 7 Days Suggestions days Hong Kong itineraries with detailed routes and full information on all attractions. Pick the itinerary that will take you at your own pace through Hong Kong's sights that interest you the most.

Hong Kong, one of the world's most sophisticated cities, offers a cultural diversity and natural beauty second to none. Major tourism magnets include Victoria Peak and the Peak Tower's terraces which offer spectacular views of the skyline and Victoria Harbor; Ocean Park's marine life, bird aviary.

Hong Kong There is so much to do in Hong Kong it is hard to know where to start. So I will cover as much as I can. Getting there Qantas often have deals to HK.

Hong Kong - some suggestions: Travel Guide

Another way to go is Virgin Atlantic Premium EconomyThese flights are somewhere between business & economy. It is a busy route so not.

Suggestions for hong kong in the
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