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A see-saw dynamic between a wistful clean passage and a tremolo-drenched avalanche ends things on a wild note, and the song ends up being pretty radical. On the one hand, the band has crafted a singular identity in a sea of rarely differentiated peers; on the other, this does not mean Secrets of the Moon always escape the trappings of convention.

The eerie "Metamorphoses" marks an increasingly strong second half, and the patiently epic madness on offer here is perfect in both tone and atmosphere. Intro track "Nowhere Said tastes will probably determine what kind of person loves this CD, and what kind loathes it.

The answer is sadly oftenAntithesis suffers from a frequent tendency towards obvious and yawn-inspiring dynamic shifts, the likes of which most seasoned metalheads could spot from miles away.

Atmospherically, the disc owes to both in spadesAntithesis is lush in its melancholy and frequently drapes thick layers of choking darkness over everything it does. Things suddenly reek of mallcore, and the mood is killed a bit, before the band turns it into a more conventional half-thrash passage.

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Frontman Daevas whispers in a hushed incantation while everything else around him crawls along at a pulverizing steamroller crush. Though this might be a tad repetitive overall, it accomplishes a unique nod to several facets of metal and largely ignores current BM trends, another plus in my book.

Such predictable behavior in the search for fresh concepts is both endearing and aggravating, and as such, there is both love and hate to be found in this work.

Mammoth and plodding, the noxious tones and headbang worthy gallops lead into the decent "Exit," a soaring and fist-pump inducing climax not unlike recent Enslaved yet again.

What does one do with an album as refined as this?

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Skinsman Thrawn is quite the blackened wizard, the man doing all sorts of wonderful percussion on not only this one mentioned track but the entire disc as a whole. Abrasive yet delicate at the same time, the song teeters between manic cruelty and prog-influenced melody.

Further adding salt to the wounds is the way such arrangements end up sounding. The slow, swinging, and violent beatdown which follows is an excellent mix of slow-paced riffs and furious drumming, making for a potent concoction.

The song writing is well-crafted and sensible, the kind of stuff that anyone should be able to at least appreciate even if they miss the message or dislike the music by itself. This paradox of quality hooks melded with well-trod roads leads to an interesting dilemma; just how predictable is something titled to be glaringly original?

It sounds pretty good, but before a person can really sink their teeth into the chaotic whirlwind of fury a massive groove riff kicks in ala a breakdown. Honestly, with an album entitled Antithesis, did you expect anything less?

Musically, Secrets of the Moon have taken the chaos of Gorgoroth or Mayhem perhaps and slowed it to a trudging crawl.Free download Judgement Of The Moon And Stars Mp3. We have about 34 mp3 files ready to play and download.

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To start this download Lagu you need to click on [Download] Button. Remember that by downloading this song you accept our terms and conditions. We recommend the first song titled Joni Mitchell - Judgement of the Moon and.

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Fallen - Secrets Of The Moon (2015)

Warhead 2. Seven Bells (Edited & Remixed Version) Limited 7" with exclusive Venom cover-version The "Warhead" 7" is limited to copies and is a dark harbinger of the forthcoming fifth Secrets Of The Moon album "Seven Bells" (to be released in early ) with two exclusive tracks.

The true success of 'Antithesis' is the fact that Secrets of the Moon don't adhere to the traditional and typical black metal aesthetics; rather they borrow elements from various genres to create an epic and highly enjoyable album that is an instant classic.5/5(2).

Secrets of the Moon - Antithesis review: Released in September ofAntithesis as an album is the most patient and complex composition Secrets of the Moon has ever done; like a fine wine, a person taking in this strange little disc must patiently savor the blackened groove on offer here.

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Pop - Victoria Ilinskaya - First On the Moon -MP3, kbps torrent.

Secrets of the moon antithesis 320 kbps
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