Our war stories

Over drinks, Adin and I tossed these ideas around and wondered about the most effective ways to bridge this gap. It is not so much what we can find to talk about, but more that we have to choose just a few brief moments out of literally hundreds of thousands in history.

Our war stories shared in the unrealistic expectations of their fellow countrymen who predicted a brief if mildly unpleasant war. Women who lived in as many dimensions as women do in real life. Due to extensive use of streaming video and images, faster broadband internet connection is required for best viewing.

So did her husband.

War Stories

As a cost, we fail to glean patterns and lessons that might be found in the larger conflict. Army, the Department of Defense, or the U. It has been compiled by Patrick Bronte, a young film-maker and historian with his own significant challenges in life.

A number of people who see themselves as feminists feel uncomfortable about women getting the same opportunity as men when it comes to the military.

Telling our war stories.

But she wanted to serve her country on a mission that mattered. All views expressed are my own. I believed I was alone in facing this frustrating mash of unmovable preconceptions. Do we take on great stories that do not further the evolution of armor tactics? They also happened to fit right into some revolutionary moments in warfare, as tanks emerged on the World War I battlefield.

Others have done that well already. If only our stories told theirs, we might see the world — and our wars — a little differently.

Patriotism, Feminism, and the Way We Think About Our War Stories

Ricks covered the U. In other instances, we focus on the conflict itself, most frequently in terms of numbers or statistics. War Stories is available for download on iTunesGoogle Playor wherever else you might listen to podcasts.The second series of Our War features insights into the lives of our front line troops.

When the Civil War began a century and a half ago the Vineyard was decidedly pro-Union, but ever since there has remained one prominent Vineyarder whose allegiance to The Cause has been suspect. He greets many thousands of visitors yearly from his Ocean Park pedestal and his original foot will be on display next Saturday when the Martha’s Vineyard Museum unveils its exhibit We Are Marching.

Our War: The Story of the Unsung Heroes of Her Majesty's Foreign Legions

Our War by Christopher Somerville offers a refreshing and different view of the Second World War. For most people of the British Commonwealth be it Australians like myself or from the far flung reaches of Africa most accounts concentrate on England, America, German, Japan or Russia/5.

If only our stories told theirs, we might see the world — and our wars — a little differently. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Ashley’s War: The Untold Story of a Team of Women Soldiers on the Special Ops Battlefield.

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Our ‘War Stories’ podcast: Tracing the evolution of war through narrative

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Our war stories
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