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Constitutional monarchies fall into this category and are sometimes considered republics as well.

Political system

Dictatorship Another authoritarian form of government is the dictatorship. The type that many of us think of as common is the absolute monarchyin which the monarch truly has the ultimate say in matters of government.

That is why organizational behavior is compared with political behavior and political system. Democracy We often hear the United States referred to as a democracy.

Many scholars consider organization as a political system in order to describe the relationships and processes within it. In a representative democracy set-up, citizens elect representatives who actually make the law. Similarly, of course, not to the same extent, the boundaries again are changed on the day of elections, general or mid-term, as the voters become politicians for a day.

Many scholars point to Athens as an example of direct democracy. There may be functionaries to make decisions and run the political system, but the monarch has discretion with the laws, and how they are enforced. A well-known researcher in organizational culture, E. In this type of monarchy, the ruler is the head of state, but a constitution limits the power, and others make laws.

The only factor in which can consciously influence the development of an organizational culture that is leadership. Some scholars define any political system in which the citizens legitimize the government. Also, if the manager has little power to influence, he will not be able to get the resources needed to define and achieve organizational goals with the help of other people.

Authoritarianism In authoritarian governments, the people have no power or representation and it is characterized by absolute or blind obedience to [formal] authority, as against individual freedom and related to the expectation of unquestioning obedience.

In many cases a monarch is the final word in government. Develop on this basis, strategies for change. Leadership and organizational politics Organization as a system of governance is one of the key concepts of organization theory, which is related to such concepts as power, leadership, guidance and so on.

The author stresses that management of the organization must take into account organizational culture and work with it, but not try to change or brake it.

There is no real absolute power, as no one can affect all people in all situations. In other words, it can be seen as an undivided rule or absolute sovereignty by a single person. In some cases, a representative democracy or any form of democracy might be considered a republic.

Often a monarch is the head of state until he or she abdicates or until death. Normally, a dictator is the main individual ruling the country. Many people think that the possession of power implies the ability to impose the will regardless of the feelings, desires and abilities of other people.

The concept of a political system is a new way of looking at the political phenomena and its analysis in all aspects. Essay on Political System Article shared by A political system is an aspect of the social system, and political activity and study is a special category of social activity and study.

One of the more common types of dictatorship is the military dictatorshipin which a military organization governs, running the political system. By interdependence is meant that when the properties of one component in a social system change, there is a chain reaction and all other components and the system as a whole are affected.

The Five Most Common Political Systems Around the World

It can be presented as the struggle for resources, personal conflicts, competition for power and leadership and tactical influence executed by individuals and groups to attain power, building personal stature, controlling access to information, building coalitions etc.

The governed are usually not consented in any way.

The author starts the topic on the examples of three large companies, General Motors, IBM, and Sears, which once faced the need of organizational change and failed.Organization as political System Before identify the role of organization as a political it is needed to clarify the meaning of Organization.

Organization is a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. Essay on Organizational Development: Office Politics - Office Politics Introduction “Politics is the lubricant that oils your organization’s internal gears” Office politics is a reality in the organizational life of a company.

- To help us understand organizations, we might consider them as political systems. The political metaphor. Party Organization Essay Political parties are inevitable in representative democracies, and both their organization and activities influence the functioning of democracy.

Organizations are not formally required for parties to present candidates at elections for public offices, their main assignment, but in practice, all parties have some kind. Management and Organizational Behavior Module 5 CASE Organizations as POLITICAL SYSTEMS Essay Introduction Organization is an association of employees, who jointly implement a certain program, or reach certain goals, and acting on the basis of certain rules and procedures.

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The Five Most Common Political Systems Around the World. 24 Aug, | Written by admin | under Government, One of the more common types of dictatorship is the military dictatorship, in which a military organization governs, running the political system.

Sometimes, the military just exerts a great deal of pressure on the government. Power and Politics in Organizational Life. reward systems, and so on), they are political structures. That organization structure is a product of.

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Organization as political systems essay
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