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Doctor of Philosophy The HM graduate program offers flexible and highly individualized programs, with emphases available in consumer behavior and marketing, human resource management, organizational behavior, financial control and revenue management, sport venue management, service management, destination marketing and management, information technology and communications, innovation and entrepreneurship, and economics of sport.

They find jobs as hotel managers, travel agents, clerks, cost controllers, restaurant managers or cruise line personnel. Advanced butchers will have a comprehensive understanding of health and safety practice that is matched with knowledge of food safety and hygiene systems at management level.

The University of Missouri offers many programs that support hospitality management including management, finance, marketing, journalism, education, agricultural education, communication, psychology, statistics, food science, nutrition, and tourism management.

In addition students are placed on job attachments in various Namibian and International Organizations. About Find out more information about Hospitality Management Hospitality management focuses on ensuring customer safety and comfort in a hotel, restaurant or entertainment facility.

Programs are developed and updated in close corporation with industry to ensure that the programs are relevant to the Namibian Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Equally, butchers advancing their careers in a large supermarket, independent retail or farm shop will be excellent communicators and possess a Meat and hospitality management institute knowledge of meat products that are often supplemented with more generic skills in merchandising, sales, quality and people supervision.

Graduates apply for employment in restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, and contract food services. Programs are developed and updated in close corporation with industry to ensure they are relevant to the industry.

Graduate Program

Students in hospitality management will be equipped with the skills necessary to implement business development and quality management strategies. The vision was that this training facility would supply industry with fully trained graduates who would be the future hotel staff and managers of Namibia.

Main topics offered by programmes in hospitality management cover: They will gain basic administrative abilities in order to control organisation, planning and scheduling activities. Professional recognition On successful completion, apprentices will be entitled to automatic registration to full membership of the Institute of Meat Renewal The standard will be reviewed in three years.

Advanced butcher

The Hospitality Management graduate program allows the major professor and advisory committee to tailor a degree program of courses and research to fit the needs and goals of each student.

Find out which ShortCourses programmes match your personality! You may re-use this information not including logos free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Food Supply Chain Business Apprentices without level 2 English and mathematics will need to achieve this level prior to taking the end point assessment. Two main qualifications with multiple exits as shown below: Meat and vegetables course: Students in hospitality management usually have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in real hospitality organisations.

MU is one of only 34 public U. Dedication to customers and service quality. The HM graduate program builds on the foundation of the undergraduate program, as well as the MU campus strengths. Advanced Butchers are a valuable asset to any meat and poultry business in the UK and across the world and will spend rewarding careers in an industry that offers progression in to a number of sub occupations such as sales, training, production and retail management.

Hospitality and Tourism

The need for a professional hospitality and tourism training institution was identified in the White Paper on Tourism. Hospitality management integrates theories from similar disciplines like: Take a Free Personality Test! Hospitality management centres on customer satisfaction that would lead to his loyalty and repeated business.

Highly skilled international and local lecturing staff ensures that students receive the latest transfer of skills which enables them to face present and future challenges of the industry in Namibia as well as abroad.

Mission To provide excellence in education, training research and development activities that addresses the needs of hospitality and Tourism industry, related industries and society as a whole through judicious balanced of theoretical and practical applications.

Most importantly, students will develop excellent customer service and communication skills as working in hospitality facility involves establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with colleagues and clients.At NFCI, We have fully equipped Labs with latest and advanced gadgets, which make our students competitive - Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh.

This website ( is a follow-on to the one previously hosted by the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management of St. Paul, MN. H ere you will find all of the references, links, and articles previously available on the former website.

Catalog> Culinary Institute of Charleston> Hosp Tour The Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program prepares students for career paths within the hospitality industry including lodging, food and beverage service, tourism, and event segments.

The Hospitality Management (HM) research-based graduate program at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) provides education leading to degrees of a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Food and Hospitality System. I have successfully completed my diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts from “Tommy Miah’s Hospitality Management Institute”.

Now I am prepared to initiate my professional carrier in Food preparation and Culinary Arts. I hope that I am able to work in your industry because I have working experience in hotel management field.

Hospitality industry

Practical work experience and academic preparation are also included in this degree to produce well-rounded professionals with the confidence to become leaders in the food .

Meat and hospitality management institute
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