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KNUST moved up in the Africa rankings from 44th in to 11th in Januaryaccording to the ranking of repositories published by Webometrics. The study was carried out from October1, to December The ranking organization therefore encourages the web publication as a way to communicate both formal and informal scholarly material, maintaining high standards Knust thesis portal the peer review processes.

Such infants remain a burden on government expense in developed countries and a permanent problem for their families in developing countries. The current study derives an explanatory multivariate regression model for both LBW and actual birth weight that includes gestational age as an predictor covariate.

That is LBW is a major factor contributing towards high infant mortality in developing countries. Incomplete records and multiple births were excluded. Websites reach much larger potential audiences, offering access to scientific knowledge to researchers and institutions located in developing countries and also to third parties economic, industrial, political or cultural stakeholders in their own community.

Labor employment history, delivery, and newborn characteristics were: The reduction of the incidence of low birth weight also forms an important component of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs on child health.

Since the data were recorded primarily for the use of the hospital, these data may be regarded as secondary data. This remarkable move in rankings reflects the growing number of researchers using the KNUST repository.

For this purpose, the cases of births over a year i. Chapter two discusses the literature related to the study. The review involves theoretical and empirical studies related to the problem under study. In an exclusive interview, Mr. In chapter four, the main focus is the analysis of the data and the presentation of the results.

Specifically, the research design, the research instrument, the procedure for data collection and the data analysis are discussed. In spite of these limitations, the findings of the study constitute a strong basis for generalisation.


It is believed that the better a population socioeconomic development, the better its health indicators, including LBW. Regression methods are essential to any data analysis which attempts to describe the relationship between a response variable and any number of predictor variables.

Data for the study were sourced from the birth registers available in the hospital. Low birth weight LBW is one of the major predictors of neonatal and perinatal morbidity and mortality both in developed and developing countries.

In the current study gestational age is included as an explanatory variable; therefore the study is focused on the identification of risk factors for the complementary effect which is SGA.

Infants born with low birth weights begin life immediately disadvantaged and face extremely poor survival rates. This is defined as weight at birth less than g 5.

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Maternal attributes included maternal age, maternal hypertension status and the maternal weight. Chapter one which is the introduction deals with the background to the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, justification of the study, limitations of the study and organisation of the study.

Logistic regression analysis and probit regression analysis extend the techniques of multiple linear regression analysis to research situations in which the outcome variable is categorical, that is, taking on two or more possible values.Posts about knust thesis pdf written by wypper.

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knust thesis assessing the risk factors associated with low birth weight (lbw) and mean actual birth weight of neonates: a case study of st. martin‟s hospital, agroyesum. The thesis should be an embodiment ofNov 29, I have written this thesis in compliance with these principles; this thesis is KNUSTSpace: Home my own the Portal Plantation and Wellington Baiden for his cooperativeness and patience for my questions.

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