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Spoilers This is very competently made, but I think in the final analysis, fine performances, fine production design and fine cinematography count for little when a film is so wrapped up in its smug self-deception that it demeans the causes it affects to champion.

As we go through the movie Justin discovers more and more about Tessa and how much he loved her. We will write a custom essay sample on Film Review on Constant Gardener or any similar topic only for you Order now Parts of the film is a political thriller.

The Constant Gardener

Still determined, Justin takes a UN aid plane to the village where the doctor lives who provided Tessa with the clinical data behind her report. If the unexamined life is not worth living, neither is the life turned admiringly in the hand like a priceless netsuke.

This shows true love that they both shared. Tomwatts 16 August Warning: Continue reading Show less Is it any good? She says nothing of interest about Iraq. The doctor gives Justin a copy of the report, but the village is raided by armed tribesmen on horseback, and Justin and the doctor are forced to flee from the carnage.

The Constant Gardener focuses on how the courage and determination of a number of people to uncover the truth and publicise these immoral and illegal drugs trials can raise awareness of the sacrifices made for our medication in the West.

Following his reverie, he is killed in an organized hit. Brought to you by: They show that these government people are greedy doing this massive corruption just to earn them selves.

The company threatens Justin: He falls in love with her, and she persuades him to take her back with him to Kenya. The concept of gardening is the story line of the movie. There is no more than a superficial effort made to present the African locations as specific, coherent societies.

Not two minutes later of screen time at any rate! However, watching The Constant Gardener, a more sinister explanation presents itself. The story highlights that this type of testing can be beneficial to drugs companies as it saves them time developing a secure formula for a drug early on, they can simply fly the drug overseas, test it, manipulate the findings of the trials by excluding those who have suffered negative side effects and sell the drug on to the Western world at a later stage when the testing is complete.

Plot[ edit ] Justin Quayle, a low-level British diplomat and horticultural hobbyist posted in Kenya, learns that his wife Tessa was found dead in the veld.

In one instance, agents are sent to beat him up. After his wife Tessa Rachel Weisz is killed in a car crash, Justin Ralph Fiennes shifts from being a trusting, go-along bureaucrat to skeptical, resolute, and increasingly fervent investigator.

Various rumours abound that the two were having an affair; however, it is later revealed that Bluhm was gay. The film begins when a large pharmaceutical company is found to be testing a new drug for people suffering from tuberculosis.

The subject of Iraq is a mere dramatic shorthand for any fashionable subject about which "people like us" hold the same opinion. Tessa has been murdered at a crossroads along with her Kenyan driver.

The film is based on Justin figuring out Tessa. Allegations were made that these children suffered from long-term joint pain believed to have been a result of the drug they were given - which were swiftly denied. Sign in to vote.

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Beautiful souls to beautiful bodies - how appropriate! And Justin blames himself for not keeping her "safe," making himself miserable, but also pushing him to pursue whatever "truth" he imagines exists.

The scandal having been revealed, Pellegrin leaves the ceremony followed by journalists.

Film Review: The Constant Gardener

Of course I replied that the majority of us in the UK opposed the war and we feel appalled by the misery that has ensued, and that the Labour government having been legitimately elected, we all feel in some way responsible for its policies.

The love story in this film is about Tessa and Justin. Behind his back, there are secretes that Tessa is investigating on, which is the treatment they are giving to Africans that is known as something to help health, which is actually deadly.

Justin has the plane drop him off at the place where Tessa died.

Film Review on Constant Gardener

But films like this will always find a place in the market, as gloss substitutes for genuine attempt at care and insight. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. Also to protect themselves they killed Tessa as she found out about this scandal and tried to get to the bottom and to stop them.

Otherwise, the Africans are smiling children of the sort beloved of passing tourists, or corrupt policemen in fly-blown offices. Perhaps what they are saying is "how beautiful I am that I care".Rachel Weisz's portrayal of a passionate political activist in The Constant Gardener looks set to establish her in the front rank of British actors.

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The Constant Gardener movie reviews & Metacritic score: Adapted from the novel by John le Carre, this is a gripping romantic thriller that sweeps audiences a.

Jul 04,  · The inability of Hector Babenco's Pixote and Luis Buñuel's Los Olvidados to muster the same kind of Oscar attention Fernando Meirelles's City of /5. Sep 01,  · "The Constant Gardener" plays at times like a movie that will result in indictments.

What makes the film extraordinary is that it also plays as a love story, and as an examination of the mysteries of the heart.4/4. The Constant Gardener focuses on how the courage and determination of a number of people to uncover the truth and publicise these immoral and illegal drugs trials can raise awareness of the sacrifices made for our medication in the West.

Film review on constant gardener
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