Essay on pressure groups in india

They hesitate to displease authorities and government. Accordingly difficult to catalogue these groups either on the basis of their size, or duration, or political allegiance or even the purpose for which these are organised.

In our parliamentary democracy, since the Union Cabinet and Civil Service are more effective, it is useful to get access to them. It is because it feels that in the near future there is no political party which can uproot it.

Interest and Pressure Groups in India

These have a sort of fear psychology. The role of pressure group is indirect, ordinarily, invisible and intermittent yet very important part of administrative system.

Role of Pressure Groups in Indian Democracy

Political parties do not wish that any serious challenge be thrown to their authority even by powerful pressure group. In such a situation the pressure groups do well. In India, however, pressure groups have made slow progress. They attach special importance who are either decision makers or can articulate effectively their view point.

Keep on emerging and dissolving-According to the interest the pressure group formed and once interest attained the pressure groups may dissolve. Regarding techniques of PGs in India, they make use of traditional means like invoking caste, region or religion based loyalties in key persons keeping in view their background based on these parameters.

The group did not wish to waste its resources in a party which was not likely to come to power Moreover, it was also not clear as to what economic policies the party would follow.

Then another cause of their slow growth is that in India individual legislators have not been found very effective by the pressure groups.

Pressure Groups in Indian Politics

Then it has also been found that in India business has tried to show eagerness to go near the administrators rather than politicians. Rush your entries for May and June! Alternatively, they are also known as labour groups.

Linguistic groups-These pressure groups promote certain languages. They, however, prefer the former over the latter.

5) What is a pressure group? Analyse their role in development

Bureaucrats have long tenure and so they be in contact with them to oblige. In brief, their characteristics are as follows: State acts as pressure group-Constitution under Article and makes provision for central parliament to settle border disputes and inter-state water disputes where in the members of every states maintains its liaison officers in Delhi to maintain its contact and act as pressure group.Pressure Groups in India After independence there was dominance of single political party over government for long time and role of pressure groups was limited & perceived negative but today their role are taken to be constructive and democratic.

Pressure groups influence political decisions by using the media for publicity, using government officials and civil servants and in some cases using illegal methods to try to pressurise the Government. Role of Pressure Groups in Indian Democracy Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On April 18, By Kamal Rana The presence and role of specific Pressure Groups augment and supplement the role and purposes of the political parties.

In conclusion it can be said that while in Britain and U.S.A., the pressure groups entertain moderate, secular and constitutional objectives, in India there is importance of extra legislative and even extra- constitutional methods.

Business as a pressure group is not to be seen only in few countries, but all over the world. But its role differs from situation to situation. It can be different in dictatorship than what it can be in a democracy. Hence they try to maintain relation with all of them. During pressure group tries to keep good relation with congress as it was the ruling party in most part of India.

Since mid 's pressure group in India try to influence all major national party.

Essay on pressure groups in india
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