Essay on elitism

In the elitism democracy, leaders choose what they expose the majority to in order to maintain acceptance of their decisions. While elite leaders have their own voice, mainly focused on their own interests, they do not necessarily oppress Essay on elitism people, but may show a genuine concern for the welfare of the majority.

Get Access Elitism vs Pluralism Essay Sample When we look at the basic premise behind our founding fathers design to create our government, we are looking at democracy. Fairness in access to the public used to be guaranteed through legislation such as the Equal Time Provision of the Communications act.

Through the views of elitism, leaders will always have a different perspective than the members of their groups.

Elitism vs Pluralism Essay Sample

In closing, pluralism defines two key factors that ensure representation of all interest groups as competing political parties providing a choice of government policies and pressure groups influencing political decisions.

This circuit breaker that Green mentions is of course the political body that leans toward the wishes of business and not the people. This is Essay on elitism one of many examples of how our pluralist democracy has its own internal checks and balances, a major principle formed with the creation of our government.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We all already know the intimate relationship between business and government at the highest levels of government, but have not considered the impact of people at the local levels. The opposing pluralist view portrays that members of the same group form the group because they share the same views and subsequently choose a leader as a voice for the group.

If we maintain this train of thought, we the working class of America, the waged people, should unite, as is our unalienable right, and self-correct our government? As in any political debate, the two main theories, elitism and pluralism present numerous conflicts.

This act required that except for news programs, stations that granted or sold air time to any one candidate for public office had to grant or sell other candidates equal time? But it must be remembered that reforms must pass through government.

Although many Americans may disagree, I believe we live in a pluralist democracy. Representatives that create policy no longer represen t the average citizen but the wealthy class or better said the class that does not need government services.

For example, freedom of speech and holding regular free elections provides everyone in society with the opportunity to express their opinion on political issues. More essays like this: They would go bankrupt. Green, The elite theory points out that all systems are dominated by elites.

The elected spokesperson political leader voices the opinion of the group.

We will write a custom essay sample on Pluralism vs. Pluralism attempts to make the theory of democracy more realistic by recognizing that the individual alone is no match for the big government and other big organizations, therefore, individuals form into larger groups to magnify the individual ideas that the majority share.

Pluralists believe that direct democracy is impractical in modern, complex societies and that representative democracy is the best way to ensure all interest is represented.

These same people fail to recognize the indirect assistance that was given to Enron through legislation such as the opposition to price caps on electricity. Green put it, incumbency attracts money and money entrenches incumbency. Yes, the media may influence the viewer by distorting issues in one direction or another, but there are many avenues to stay educated to form your own opinion.

The Pluralist Theory, also known as the Interest Group Theory, suggests that political decision making is the result of the interaction, conflict, and bargaining of a diversity of interest groups both large and small.

Practice is rarely, if ever, the same as theory. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Dye, Many major sociological theories are concerned with the distribution of power in society and view those with power as controlling the society; this ideal is based on the examination of the way pluralism and elitism view the distribution of power in society.

By educating yourself and forming your own opinion, you can join a group i. The most basic principle is that we have a government that requires many different people and groups with contrasting ideas to make the most important decisions.

In the United States, There are two basic theories regarding political decision-making within the government.

Pluralism vs. Elitism

Therefore, pluralism can never exist in its purest form, when discussed with reference to elitism. More and more wealthy people are entering the ranks of government and in so doing, it is argued, are losing sight of the priorities of the average citizen.

To study the backbone of our government, democracy, we must look at the theories that contrast how we view ourselves as a democracy.Elitism vs Pluralism Essay Sample.

When we look at the basic premise behind our founding fathers design to create our government, we are looking at democracy. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Elite Theory And Elitism. Elitism In America Elitism in America American democracy was designed to allow its citizens full control in choosing who will become their next leaders/5(1).

The term lobbying conjures up visions of a cigar-chomping interest group representative, his arm around the shoulder of an important senator or representative, advising him how he ought to vote on some obscure provision of the Tax Code and slipping an envelope, fat with currency, into his jacket pocket.

Or it conjures up images of [ ]. “In Defense of Elitism” Summary The dominant theme in this essay appears to be this: post war social changes such as offering increased university admission promote the view of egalitarianism in education.

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Essay on elitism
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