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This connection of a being with the results of its deeds is the law of karma which rules the whole world. Primitive man acts in accordance with his desires.

9780766138483 - Three Essays on Haeckel and Karma by Rudolf Steiner

It has merely retained from the latter that which we have compared to memory. A being which has once been active is henceforth no longer isolated in the world; it has inserted itself into its deeds.

Thus we may say that nothing can happen to the human being in life for which he has not himself created the conditions. While we sleep, the events on this field of action run their course.

And he thereby confronts his surrounding world, his destiny, with greater and greater maturity. Therefore his experiences in the physical world will, in general, be at a higher level the more often he has incarnated, or the greater his efforts were during his previous incarnations.

And he carries the experiences which he has undergone through such action into the supersensible states.

Now we may ask: Hering is right in stating that it is memory to which we owe nearly everything that we are and have. And this something is the soul. Especially the opponents of the idea of karma proceed from such erroneous premises. Each of the above-mentioned principles: We cannot ask the question: We must not believe that by soul we understand something that is equivalent to conscious memory.

In regard to the comparison of the soul with memory we are also in a position to refer to modern natural science. For what he gains through his experiences is the fact that he learns to grasp the laws of the world in which these experiences occur. The dreamless sleeper is comprehensible to the same degree that the world is Essay haeckel karma three before consciousness appeared.

Now, when it is no longer bound to physical existence by bodily ties and when it has divested itself also of the desires which chain it to this physical existence, then the fruit of its experience has remained with the spirit.

Every new morning the human body is ensouled anew, as it were. The spirit consists of: In every new incarnation the human being finds himself in a physical organism which is subject to the laws of external nature. The sleeping human body, subject only to physical laws, can never accomplish anything in the realm of the laws of reason.

This relation has found its expression through the fact that, by means of the body, impulses, desires, and passions have developed and that, through them, outer actions have been performed. The picture of sleep presents an image of the relation of cause and effect in this field.

He can do this no more than can certain animals, which have lost their power of sight as a result of their migration to the caves of Kentucky, live anywhere else but in these caves.

This remains incomprehensible only as long as one considers the separate life as such and does not regard it as a link in the chain of successive lives.

Thus within my soul, because of corporeal existence, there lives a certain sum of impulses, desires, and passions. And the human spirit would have to be newly created, out of the nothing, if the results of its former lives were not to remain linked to its later lives.

During its incarnation it was interwoven with the physical world of facts; after its discarnation through death, it is deprived of the direct influence of this factual world. This moral law, too, has not sprung from nothingness. He states the following in his treatise: The spirit, through its activity in the body, has become acquainted with the world to which this body belongs.

Likewise, I can perform an action only in the sense of the necessary laws of my karma, but it is I who puts these necessary laws into effect. And many incarnations are needed before the human being, originally completely given over to desires, confronts the surrounding world with the purified moral law which Kant designates as something demanding the same admiration as is demanded by the starry heavens.

Yet my life in America is completely dependent upon my previous life in Europe. Only a human being who does not desire anything of the physical world has no surplus of desire over satisfaction. If I had today forgotten everything that I have experienced yesterday, I should be a new human being, unable to link up with anything.

Many people fall into this error. The philosophers who put the question of freedom in this fashion can never acquire a clear thought about it.

What is the relation of the human being to his physical surroundings when he enters a new incarnation?Rudolf Steiner Archive & Essay: How Karma Works A World-wide Presence for a World-wide Movement: Rudolf Steiner's works on the World Wide Web.

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Good and bad Karma must not be regarded as a reward or punishment, but just simply as a consequence of your actions.

The East is a devoted believer in reincarnation and consequently in the Law of Karma. In the east as well as in the west, Karma is viewed with extreme viewpoints.

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