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However, note that extension requests are expected to be used for short-term acute events so we would not expect to receive a request for an extension more than a week in advance of the deadline.

Put the course number on the course submission form. You will be given a copy and a copy forwarded to the Student Life Office. Please also see Scheme Details. The marker flags any assessments they feel have exceeded the word limit to the Learning and Teaching Service.

You will have received an email if you are eligible for this scheme, along with details of who to contact to discuss this further. Work is submitted anonymously All written coursework, project reports and dissertations with summative components should Coursework submission form identified by student number and not by name.

Your uploaded videos will be listed as shown below. Coursework submitted after the deadline will be subject to a late submission penalty in accordance with the University Taught Assessment Regulation 28 which states, "Students need to submit assessed coursework by the published deadline.

Do I get a receipt for assignments submitted online? Problems with submitting your work? You can check the status of any submissions in Turnitin at any time by following the link to the Turnitin activity and selecting the My Submissions tab.

Follow the essay rubric! Why was this required and what happens to my work. Taught Assessment Regulations Vision before 3pm on the day of the deadline. The Student Life Office will be informed of any revised submission deadlines. Paper submissions require a coversheet, which can be downloaded from e: Make sure you send a completed and signed course submission form with your coursework.

ArmchairEd posts your grade to your account. If you are not registered on a particular unit you will not be able to print the coursework cover sheet to submit your assignment. The self-certified extension is always applied for the first extension request of the academic year.

Please note that if you do not undertake coursework based assignments and you are a student on a Programme participating in the Student Engagement Monitoring Scheme, this will trigger further correspondence regarding non-engagement in your programme of study.

There is no period of grace if work is submitted at any point after the time specified then it is treated as late. Moodle Video Assignment Submission For submission to Moodle Video assignments you will receive only a formal email from the Coursework Receipting system.

And you are experiencing difficulty meeting deadlines for reasons related to a disability e. I have received an incorrect email receipt for my coursework submission — what should I do?

Full details of which are found at http: If for any reason you feel you will be unable to submit your work by the specified deadline you should immediately make an appointment to see or speak with your Student Support Officer.

Guidance for Students

I have been granted a revised submission deadline by the Exceptional Factors panel how will this be dealt with?

This will normally be explained to you by your tutor in the assignment brief.

Coursework Submission

Work submitted after deadline and… Marks deducted. You can check the status of any submissions in Moodle assignment activities at any time by following the link to the Turnitin Moodle activity and looking under the Submission status heading. Extension requests can be submitted for individual written assessments only.MMU Homepage» Coursework Information» Guidance for Students.

Guidance for Students. Welcome Guest Login. How do I access my coursework submission deadlines? Coursework Submission Form identifying the revised submission deadline. You will be given a copy and a copy forwarded to the Student Life Office.

students will be able to submit coursework electronically from one week before the deadline, using with the electronic submission, most of the form is pre-populated, with the student registration \LTS Folders\Coursework submission and return\coursework submission and return guide for students Late coursework submission All in-course assessment deadlines are published in course/programme booklets.

It is important that students familiarise themselves with these deadlines and plan ahead - all assessed work must be submitted by the given deadline.

British University in Egypt Coursework Submission and Statement of Academic Honesty Form All assessed coursework must be submitted on or before the due date. Students are required to complete 2 copies of the Coursework Submission and Statement of Academic Honesty Form.

1 copy must be kept by the student as evidence of submission. Complete this application and compile it with all supporting materials into a single PDF and submit this through the Contact form by describing yourself as a “BCBA or Pursuing BCBA (or BCaBA or Pursuing BCaBA)” and identifying Coursework evaluations typically take 14 days to process once payment has been received.

You should submit. Once you have submitted coursework, we will email Washington educators a signed copy of your inservice form and will retain the form for seven years.

Coursework Submission Name *.

Coursework submission form
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