Compare and contrast two literary works

The Ledger Retrieved from http: I moved into and entered into a fitting of incredible distortions of racism. Many other authors have written about racism and have joined their efforts with Walker and Gordimer to promote peace among mankind and to recognize that every individual deserves to be respected and not to be judged upon the color of their skin, nor of their religion preference, or their ethnicity.

The whites looked at her in horror. The autopsy revealed intestinal damage not consistent with natural reason of death Clugstonsection 3. Alice Walker, the author of The Welcome Table, has dedicated her entire life in helping people.

Jesus accepted the elderly black woman and was everything she needed, taking care of all her needs. Thebedi brought along her newborn baby at the time of the trial, suggesting to the reader that Thebedi had to go on with her life and concentrate on her new husband and her new baby; while Thebedi still cherished the memories that she and Paulus made together, those memories were only in the past.

The white people feared the blacks and old people as well. Thebedi appears at an initial examination for the murder charges against Paulus, wearing the hoop earrings that Paulus had given her during their summer romance Clugstonsection 3.

The theme in racism and segregation with both stories were similar however the authors set completely different tones.

In that era, it was considered Compare and contrast two literary works for an interracial couple to be together. Authors Alice Walker and Nadine Gordimer have dedicated themselves for fighting for active rights of the people.

We will now shift to the difference in tone for the two stories. These literary works was the foundation that allowed the reader to increase a better understanding of how African Americans suffered in slavery days when the harsh discrimination of racism that caused so much adversity in America.

Even though the white, segregated church initially saddened the old woman, it did not stop her from the joy she felt when she saw her savior.

and contrast two literary works Essay

The reader sees the heart of Paulus at this point. The mood of the story quickly begins to change when Thebedi, at age 18, enters an arranged marriage union with Njabulo, a fellow black worker on the Eysendyck farm Clugstonsection 3.

The character, Njabulo in Country Lovers can be compared to the loving father like figure Jesus was to the old woman in The Welcome Table. Segregation was a common racist action that stemmed from the Jim Crow Laws where African Americans were considered inferior to the white population.

The whites did not look upon her as a lost soul that needed Jesus. In addition to winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, she has been awarded with several honorary degrees, ranging from Yale, Harvard, Columbia, and holds degrees from University of York in England and Witwatersrand in South Africa among many other schools Nobelpeace.

Social Forces, Volume 82, Number 1, Septemberpp. Not a person but a thing that would bring him and his family shame and disgrace if anyone should find out. Not only the impression of blacks but the distortions in my personality and my mind as a white. She has been very active in the Civil Rights Movement, promoting equal rights for black people Jokinenp.

Paulus became overwhelmed with deep emotions when he comes to the conclusion that it is his own. Instead, she is thrown out by the white ushers and cruelly talked about when they see the color of her skin and what she is wearing.

The narrator states that the woman looked down the highway and saw Jesus himself approaching her Clugstonsection 3. Furthermore, it is written that black children did not have any schooling while the whites were allowed to get an education.

Proof is given in the Civil Rights era timeframe. And then when I was older, training at Witwatersrand University, and there for the first time I met.

However, even though she died, she went to a peaceful place in Heaven. Boston Globe Retrieved from http: Paulus and Thebedi exchanged gifts and their attraction for each other grew. God was with the black woman and showed compassion by sending His Son Jesus to meet the woman and comfort her in her time of need.

As Thebedi and Paulus grew older, they frequently met at a remote dried river bed, each one walking a measureable distance from each other so that they would not be seen together.View Essay - Compare and Contrast Two Literary Works - Sue Revves from SOC at Ashford University.

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Racism: a Comparison and Contrast of Two Literary Works Essay

This essay will compare and contrast the two literary works, “Country Lovers” written by Nadine Gordimer in and “The Welcome Table” written by Alice Walker in in aspects of the racial segregation discrimination of blacks and whites and with the literary elements of theme.

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Compare and Contrast Literary Works

Compare and Contrast Literary Works. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Introduction with a thesis statement Supporting paragraphs Conclusion Themes & Corresponding Works Choose only two of the works within your selected theme.

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Compare and contrast two literary works
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