Alpha contracting

One benefit includes the early involvement of DCAA personnel in the immediate utilization of rate recommendations, rather than at some later date when significant updates would have occurred.

The other three offerors proposed slightly different but competitive traditional solutions. Pre-requisites for Alpha Acquisition are: This allowed two different, innovative, non-traditional approaches.

Alpha Acquisition is a labor intensive process.

Duplication is also eliminated from the procurement process because contractor personnel are involved in the design, manufacturing and software development decisions of the RFP, if applicable, to the instant contract.

For example, there can be a single technical review, coordinated fact-finding and early coordination of necessary documents.

Residential Contractor and Real Estate Professional

Good draft SOW with Alpha contracting requirement; SOW, proposal, and business clearance Alpha contracting, in accordance with Work Breakdown Structure WBS ; Contractor and Government negotiating teams use the same spreadsheet format and software version to facilitate negotiations and documentation; and Communication, communication, communication.

The benefits of Alpha Acquisition are not limited to reducing procurement acquisition lead times. The purpose is to eliminate any unnecessary processes and reviews, and to streamline and conduct in parallel the required ones.

Government contracting officers need higher level approval before release of the RFP. However, it is all done much more quickly and started earlier in the process. Alpha Contracting is a collaborative effort traditionally used in a sole-source environment between government and industry to streamline an acquisition from beginning to end.

The Five W’s of Alpha Contracting

Stakeholders without a full understanding of the process may be unwilling to try Alpha Contracting. Alpha Contracting shortens the time from development of the SOW to contract award. However, many of these controls are lost in Alpha Contracting when IPT members are empowered to make decisions and create contracting documents in person, without consent from upper levels at each alpha contracting process step.

By enabling all parties to work together and share knowledge, the Alpha Contracting technique can get acquisitions under contract faster and build buyer and seller trust. Where there are inhibitors to the process: Also, the requirements in the SOW are more clearly defined and understood by all parties.


In one instance, I helped the Government and the five potential offerors to collaboratively develop a SOO that stated the desired end state. The contractor benefits by significantly reducing proposal preparation costs.Alpha Acquisition Overview The contractor benefits by significantly reducing proposal preparation costs.

Alpha Acquisition is a framework for expediting the acquisition process. The purpose is to eliminate any unnecessary processes and reviews, and to streamline and conduct in parallel the required ones.

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Alpha Contracting was incorporated in August and is a member of Alpha Group. Alpha Contracting is a property maintenance company for domestic and commercial markets.

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is a general contractor, performing new construction, additions, and renovations since Design, build your kitchens, bathrooms. The federal contracting process should enable a government organization to select a contractor that will become a true business partner.

Today’s source selection processes evaluate how well a contractor proposes a solution; however, the government’s processes are ill suited to evaluate how well a contractor can deliver on its proposal. NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA JOINT APPLIED PROJECT Analysis of Alpha Contracting from Three Perspectives: Government Contracting, the Government Program Office, and Industry.

Alpha contracting
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