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You see, changing the order of IF functions changes the result: This is how you use an If formula in Excel with multiple conditions. Consequently, the formula returns "Satisfactory" without testing other conditions.

Though the array formula is far more difficult to comprehend, let along to write, it has one indisputable advantage - you specify the range of cells containing your conditions rather than referencing each condition individually.

Excel nested IF statement - multiple conditions in a single formula

Balance the parenthesis of nested IF functions One of the main challenges with nested IFs in Excel is matching parenthesis Ac131 combined reading. As you understand, this example demonstrates only the general approach, and you can easily customize this nested If function depending on your particular task.

The underlined expression is the part currently under evaluation, and clicking the Evaluate button will show you all Ac131 combined reading steps in the evaluation process. Assuming the user enters the quantity in cell B8, the formula is as follows: For more information, please see Match parenthesis pairs in Excel formulas.

If you have more than one set of parentheses, the parenthesis pairs are shaded in different colors so that the opening parenthesis matches the closing one.

In older versions of Excel and lower, up to 7 nested IF functions can be used. Advanced Excel users that are familiar with array formulascan use this formula that basically does the same thing as the nested IF function discussed above. Then, expand the formula bar as much as needed and you will see that your nested IF formula has become much easier to understand.

I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week. For example, the evaluation of the first logical test of the nested IF formula shown in the screenshot below will go as follows: When you close a parenthesis, Excel briefly highlights the matching pair.

Alternatives to nested IF in Excel To get around the limit of seven nested IF functions in Excel and older versions and to make your formulas more compact and fast, consider using the following alternatives to nested Excel IF functions. When the quantity is outside the range, the formula will display an "out of the range" message.

The following tips will help you improve your nested IF formulas and prevent common mistakes.

In other words, the formula stops after the first TRUE result. For example, instead of "hard-coding" the prices in the formula, you can reference the cells containing those values Ac131 combined reading B2 to B6.

For experienced Excel users, the best alternative to using multiple nested IF functions might be creating a custom worksheet function using VBA.

If your formula has too many nested levels, you may want to optimize it by using one of these alternatives. To have a closer look and probably reverse engineer the formulas, you are welcome to download the sample Nested If Excel worksheet.

Please keep in mind that each additional level makes your formula more difficult to understand and troubleshoot. You may also be interested in: A formula example can be found here.But what if your data requires more elaborate logical tests with multiple conditions?

In this case, you can include several IF functions in one formula, and these multiple If statements are called Excel Nested IF.

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Ac131 combined reading
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