A journey through the old testament

Elmer Towns presented the people of the Old Testament was astonishment.

In the second part of that statement Dr. This is the omniscience of God, knowing prophecy what will happen. Now I used Genesis 1: However, there is no scripture to support such foolishness, neither is there any scripture that would suggest this could be a vague possibility in anyway.

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Having no precursor, or teacher for which he could draw knowledge of God from, Abraham had to learn to completely trust God through trial and error. We read in verses four and five that Cyrus who was a pagan, and conquer of many nations, was acting in orchestra with God as it concerned the Jews release to rebuild the temple.

I am in some ways even confused why this book was selected as a textbook for this course as in my opinion it is very weak in the area of basic Christian doctrine, but strong in the areas of eisegesis, artistic leave way, and anthropomorphism.

In fact, every chapter of the book could very easily stand alone as a simple biography of the individual of whom it was written, that is except for those individual whose life covers multiple chapters.

God did not punish the righteous in Sodom Genesis Rather A journey through the old testament draw his attention on the liner events of the Old Testament Dr. To avoid this problem I addressed a single positive issue, the readability of the book, and a single negative issue, doctrine issues, and the single issue of implied truth.

The Bible teaches that without faith it is impossible to please God Hebrews The Bible tells us that one of the attributes of God is justice, which means that God is always perfectly righteous and lawful in everything He does.

Does God allow that which is wicked to remain in wickedness surely, Hosea 4: Clearly, there is no justice in punishing the good angels because of the actions of the wicked, this statement do not harmonize with scripture, nor is it in harmony with the attributes of God as we know them.

In fact, once my attention was taken off how the events and people of the Old Testament was presented, and more toward making sure the presentation reflected sound Christian doctrine reading the book became more of a struggle than a joy.

Towns eisegesis scripture to prove is point is not fair at all, that would mean that he read something into scripture with the intent of proving his presuppositional points. Not only was it God that put the midwives there at that specific moment, He had ordained them for that very purpose.

Ok we know that the Garden of Eden was created after the earth was created, so again scripture shows that Satan could not have fallen before earth was created.

On this particular issue Dr. However, I would like to infuse another passage Genesis 1: However, as I began to read more the errors in Christian doctrine, the eisegesis of scripture to get his point across, and the ignoring scripture altogether in order to make the book more readable, it opened my eyes to a more discerning understanding of that which we so cavalierly call Christian literature or study.

Often times the deceit and the faithfulness are the actions of the very same person, making that person human, touchable, understandable, and more relatable to each one of us. Towns is saying that God, the creator of all there is, was afraid that because one third of the angels had fallen into sin, that He would punish the others two thirds who remained faithful, by removing their free will or imprisoning them into perpetual servitude.

Towns presented these people of the Old Testament not as superheroes that God had adorned with supernatural abilities of perfect righteousness and relentless faithfulness, but as everyday people, dealing with very difficult circumstances, in the very best way they knew how.

Towns says it did.Elmer’s A Journey through the Old Testament is a basic text that opens up a student’s eyes and mind to beginning to understand these foundational texts.

Written 23 years ago, it shows a little dating but also reveals the bias of the author. These are topics that will be touched on as a summary is made, the text itself is interpreted within. This seminar is available online for free or for purchase on CD through our online store.

A hour presentation designed to give you a scope and understanding of the chronology and important events of the Old Testament, which is the foundation for understanding the New Testament. A JOURNEY THROUGH THE OLD TESTAMENT East 52nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana [email protected] killarney10mile.com Peaceful Journey Journey Through the Old Testament is a text book intended for high school students.

It largely details various circumstances and facets of the Old Testament in the Bible, and contains a number of key passages and scriptures. A Journey Through The Old Testament The Story of how God Developed His People in the Old Testament Elmer L.

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Towns Harcourt Brace Custom Publishers Harcourt Brace College Publishers. Not only will A Journey Through the Old Testament enable each reader to better understand the people and events leading up to the birth of Christ, but it will show the common desires, difficulties, and frustrations of those who walked this earth so long ago/5(6).

A journey through the old testament
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